You tackle logistics head-on, aiming for flawless events.

We see your quest for efficiency and creativity (YOU SEEK SEAMLESS INTEGRATION).

Your drive ensures every detail is perfect, from start to finish (FOR A SMOOTH EXPERIENCE). Moreover, your pursuit of personalization (YOU VALUE CUSTOMIZATION) mirrors our commitment to tailored solutions.

Your focus on minimizing stress (FOR A STRESS-FREE PLANNING) and your reliance on dependable partners (RELYING ON RELIABILITY) resonate with us.

You look for strategies that ensure ease and effectiveness, aiming for unmistakable success.

Find out if we're a good fit!

Challenges You're Facing:

  1. Numerous Tasks: Juggling every detail demands precision. You want streamlined processes.

  2. Tight Deadlines: Time constraints pressurize planning. You look for efficiency in every step.

  3. Overwhelming Details: The complexity of events can be staggering. You seek simplicity and clarity.

  4. Last-Minute Changes: Adaptability is key when plans shift unexpectedly. You need flexible solutions.

  5. Constrained Budgets: Financial limitations challenge creativity. You seek cost-effective strategies.

  6. Diverse Expectations: Balancing different stakeholder views requires finesse. You aim for universal satisfaction.
  7. Complex Technology: Integrating advanced solutions necessitates expertise. You desire user-friendly tech.
  8. Logistical Challenges:  Venue issues demand innovative problem-solving. You look for versatile options.
  9. Weather Disruptions: Unpredictable conditions require contingency planning. You want reliable backup plans.
  10. Uncertain Vendor Reliability: Partner dependability is non-negotiable. You seek trustworthy collaborators.
  11. Participant Engagement: Maintaining interest is crucial. You aim for engaging and interactive experiences.

Events' Non-Negotiables:

  1. As a Planner, your realm is the backbone of successful events. You champion the seamless execution and intricate details that transform visions into reality. How can we support your mission?
  3. Seamless Execution: Your mantra is precision. Every detail, from logistics to timelines, must align perfectly to create a flawless experience. You seek partners who understand the importance of meticulous planning and execution.

  4. Clarity in Communication is crucial for effective coordination and execution.

  5. Reliability of Vendors ensures that every aspect of the event runs smoothly, without unexpected hitches.

  6. Flexibility and Adaptability are essential for swiftly adjusting to unforeseen changes or challenges.

  7. Attention to Detail is a cornerstone, as overlooking small details can lead to larger issues.

  8. Timely Execution is vital for the success of any event, making punctuality non-negotiable.

  9. Budget Management requires staying within financial constraints without compromising on quality.

  10. Participant Engagement is critical for the event’s impact and success.

  11. Tech Integration must enhance the event without becoming a distraction.

  12. Customization is crucial for personalization.

  13. Safety and Security ensure the well-being of all participants.

Specialty Services Designed For You

These services are not for everyone, but everyone would love to have them.

Specialty Products (Hologram, etc)

"Planners are the architects of the invisible, crafting experiences where the magic lies in what you don't see—the meticulous planning, the solved crises hidden from view, and the seamless harmony of elements that feel effortlessly presented."

Savvy Gatsby

Savvy Gatsby - Side Banner - Annimated

Why Savvy Gatsby?

Savvy Gatsby is NOT another audiovisual provider, they’re an AV agency and entertainment broker. They stand out as a partner and cut through the noise, avoiding unnecessary expenses on hotel commissions and over priced equipment. Their knowledge of the event market surpasses many internal teams. Savvy Gatsby steps in early, aiming to save their clients money and reduce hassle. Before any contracts are signed or venues chosen, they ensure their clients receive what they need at the best possible price.

Clients of Savvy Gatsby are assigned a project manager whose primary responsibility is to ensure the event’s vision is faithfully translated into reality. This project manager oversees the technical aspects, allowing clients and their teams to relax and enjoy the event, free from the burden of logistical concerns.

Daniela Moreno
Daniela Moreno
Excelente Servicio,Asesoría. Precio y cumplimiento en todo. 1000,%recomendados. Los Mejores en Miami.
Lorena Luciani
Lorena Luciani
This guys are the best!!!! Great service, 100 % recommended ! My event looked so great😎
Albert C
Albert C
Working with Savvy Gatsby was an easy and incredible experience for me. I normally work with in-house AV companies at hotels but this time around I was tasked with hosting an event in one of the spaces at one of our offices, a space that was not set up at all with AV. Jose Cruz helped me bring our AV needs to fruition. The team listened to our needs and gave professional recommendations that only served to help elevate our event experience. They set up the room with screens, speakers, and provided an AV technician to be there during our meeting which brought much needed peace to my mind in case we experienced any tech issues. Would definitely recommend and I hope to work with this company again very soon.
Jose is a detail oriented professional who goes the extra mile for his clients. Our event was a total success, exceeded our expectations and best of all, at an affordable cost. Highly recommended! 💯
I had a great experience. It was a very easy process and we achieved amazing results. Looking forward to working together again
Carlos Perez
Carlos Perez
Jose Cruz is an upstanding professional, very easy to work with, he will always go the extra mile to accommodate his clients. He is an example of excellent customer service.
Alexandra Sus
Alexandra Sus
Los mejores 💯💯

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