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Here are some of the most common questions we are asked.


How does Savvy Gatsby compare to using a hotel's in-house audiovisual department for events?

Savvy Gatsby stands out as a unique audiovisual partner compared to in-house hotel AV services. While in-house departments offer convenience, our approach as your dedicated audiovisual department brings unparalleled benefits. Even if you prefer to use the in-house AV, collaborating with Savvy Gatsby can be the best scenario. Here’s why:

  • Cost Savings: Savvy Gatsby is committed to helping you save money. We negotiate the best prices, eliminating unnecessary fees, and providing transparent cost structures. Our goal is to ensure that your budget is optimized without compromising on quality.

  • Equipment Tailored to Your Needs: Unlike in-house AV departments that may offer generic solutions, we carefully select equipment that suits your event’s requirements. No overkill equipment, just precisely what you need for a seamless audiovisual experience.

  • Transparent Pricing: Savvy Gatsby eliminates hidden charges and unnecessary mark-ups. By supplying items that in-house AV companies often overcharge for, we can significantly reduce your quotes, sometimes up to 50%. Our transparent pricing ensures you know exactly where your budget is allocated.

Choosing Savvy Gatsby means having a dedicated partner that not only understands your brand and culture but also ensures cost-effectiveness and optimal performance for your audiovisual needs.

What services does Savvy Gatsby offer in the audiovisual industry?
  • Savvy Gatsby goes beyond traditional audiovisual services. We seamlessly integrate into your company as your dedicated audiovisual department, providing a wide range of services, including video production, sound design, live event streaming, event entertainment, and multimedia content creation.

  • We also provide marketing and branding services, including corporate videos, brand storytelling, event coverage, animation, and post-production editing. Our team is equipped to bring your vision to life, from initial concept to final delivery.
Can Savvy Gatsby handle projects for any industry?

Absolutely! We’ve worked across various sectors, from tech startups to established financial institutions, healthcare, education, and non-profits. Our team tailors each project to meet the unique needs and standards of your industry.

How can I request a quote for audiovisual services?
    • Requesting a quote is easy. Visit this link and fill out the inquiry form. Our team, essentially an extension of your own, will promptly provide a few customized quotes, so you have multiple options to see, ensuring the best equipment and services at the most cost-effective price.


    • You can also reach out directly to our WhatApp or call our direct line (786)878-9043
Can Savvy Gatsby handle both small and large-scale projects?
    • Absolutely! Whether it’s a small promotional video or a large-scale event, Savvy Gatsby, as your in-house audiovisual team, is equipped to handle projects of any size. Our extensive network ensures access to the best resources for your specific needs.
What is the process for starting a project with Savvy Gatsby?
  • Our journey starts with discovery. We dive into your goals, audience, and message. Next, we gather quotes from top vendors, ensuring alignment with your event’s demands and technical needs. A dedicated Project Manager oversees all technical details, before, during, and after events, streamlining communication for you. We then embark on creative development and production, with post-production support if needed. Constant updates and revisions continue until we achieve your total satisfaction.
How involved can I be in the production process?

Your involvement is as much or as little as you prefer. We welcome your input and feedback at every stage, from event development to the final edits. The Project Manager will guide you to collect the necessary information so he can take care of the technical aspect 100% if you don’t want to be involved.

What sets Savvy Gatsby apart from other audiovisual companies?
    • Savvy Gatsby’s unique proposition lies in our close partnership with high-end AV providers, allowing us to offer top-notch equipment and services at a reduced cost. We become an integral part of your brand, ensuring authenticity and personalized audiovisual solutions. Plus, our commitment to always saving you money or providing our service for free sets us apart.
Can Savvy Gatsby assist with content strategy and personal branding in audiovisual projects?
    • Absolutely! Our approach is deeply rooted in understanding your brand and culture. We not only deliver high-quality content but also contribute to shaping and showcasing your brand personality authentically through audiovisual means.


How do you price your services?

At Savvy Gatsby, we’ve got something for every event, big or small, for planners or businesses. We’re all about keeping things clear and simple. Our costume packages are made to make your job easier, with no hidden fees or surprises. We set clear prices for events, whether they’re small, medium, or large. Plus, if you’re holding lots of events every month, we’ve got a special plan just for you. We don’t just want to be another company you hire; we want to be like a part of your team, there to help you every step of the way.


Savvy Gatsby is different from your usual audiovisual company because we work like an agency. Think of us like hiring a marketing agency if your business doesn't do marketing itself, or like using an insurance broker to find the best insurance for you. We're here to find you the right audiovisual equipment and people at the best price, without cutting corners on quality. How do we make sure everything is top-notch? For every event, we provide a project manager who gets to know exactly what you need. This manager makes sure everything goes smoothly with your equipment and team, from setting up to the actual event, and even afterwards if you need help with anything else. We only get quotes from AV providers we've worked with before and trust completely.

Flat Fee Pricing Structure

Regardless of the size of your event, we ensure your event has the right equipment, at a cost you can manage. We get quotes from reliable audiovisual suppliers to ensure you don’t overspend. In fact, we aim to give you more value for your money. If we can’t save you money on your audiovisual needs, our service won’t cost you anything.

Small Event

$500/ Flat Fee

“We Guarantee You Savings, or Our Service is FREE”

Basic Event

$1,500/ Flat Fee

“We Guarantee You Savings, or Our Service is FREE”

Large Event

$2,500/ Flat Fee

“We Guarantee You Savings, or Our Service is FREE”

Multiple Events | Subscription Plan

For those hosting multiple events monthly, our “cancel anytime” subscription plan offers significant savings. This flexible option not only reduces the cost of our services but also ensures you spend less on AV equipment. Our commitment is clear: to maximize your savings on AV expenses.

Small Meetings

$470/ Mo

“We Guarantee You Savings, or Our Service is FREE”

Mid-Size Meetings

$920/ Mo

“We Guarantee You Savings, or Our Service is FREE”

Large Meetings

$1,940/ Mo

“We Guarantee You Savings, or Our Service is FREE”

Partnership Plan

For events attracting more than 500 attendees, we offer a straightforward savings-sharing model instead of a flat fee or membership plan. Simply provide us with an audiovisual quote, and we’ll work to maximize your savings—without compromising on quality. We then split the savings 50/50. This approach ensures you access the necessary equipment at a lower cost, offering remarkable value.

Bigger Events

50% Of The Savings

“We Guarantee You Savings, or Our Service is FREE”

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