You have big responsibilities and demand a high level of commitment.

We recognize your dedication to fostering active participation (YOU WANT ENGAGEMENT) and ensuring clear communication (TO CONVEY A CLEAR MESSAGE).

Furthermore, your focus on maximizing reach and impact (TO AMPLIFY YOUR VOICE) aligns with our approach.

Additionally, we understand your diligence to responsible resource allocation (MONITORING BUDGET) and achieving measurable results (RETURN OF INVESTMENT).

You want an approach that prioritize cost-effectiveness and delivering demonstrably valuable outcomes.

Find out if we're a good fit!

Challenges You May Be Facing:

  1. High Costs: Managing budgets for AV equipment and services can be daunting. You seek options that offer the best ROI.

  2. Technical Issues: Concerns about potential technical failures during events. You need an experienced team before and during the event.

  3. Engagement: Finding ways to keep attendees engaged through innovative AV solutions is always a challenge. 

  4. Customization: You need AV solutions that can be tailored to the specific needs and themes of your events.

  5. Reliability: Ensuring that the AV provider is reliable and can handle unforeseen issues is crucial.

Events: Non-Negotiables for You and Our Solutions

  1. As a decision-maker, your focus extends beyond event planning. You prioritize maximizing Return on Investment (ROI), ensuring every dollar spent contributes meaningfully to the company’s bottom line. How can we assist you?
  1. Return on Investment (ROI): Ensuring that every dollar spent on events brings a tangible benefit to the company, be it through increased sales, brand visibility, or employee satisfaction.

  2. Efficiency and Effectiveness: Streamlining operations, reducing waste, and ensuring that events are executed flawlessly with minimal resources.

  3. Innovation and Competitive Edge: Seeking out new technologies, trends, and ideas to keep the company ahead in its industry. You want to host events that stand out and capture attention.

  4. Brand Reputation and Image: Enhancing the company’s public image and reputation through meticulously planned events that reflect the company’s values and aspirations.

  5. Employee Engagement and Morale: Organizing events that boost team spirit, foster company culture, and enhance employee satisfaction and loyalty.

  6. Risk Management: Minimizing potential risks associated with events, including financial risks, reputational risks, and operational risks.

  7. Compliance and Sustainability: Ensuring events comply with relevant regulations and reflect the company’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

Specialty Products Designed For You

These products are not for everyone, but everyone would love to have them.

Specialty Products (Hologram, etc)

"The future conference is not about the environment, the furniture, the venue, the audio visual or the technology. The future conference is about increasing the paying attendee's ROI. The future conference is about helping the attendee transfer and apply their conference learning to their job"

Savvy Gatsby

Why Savvy Gatsby?

Savvy Gatsby is NOT another audiovisual provider, they’re an AV agency and entertainment broker. They stand out as a partner and cut through the noise, avoiding unnecessary expenses on hotel commissions and over priced equipment. Their knowledge of the event market surpasses many internal teams. Savvy Gatsby steps in early, aiming to save their clients money and reduce hassle. Before any contracts are signed or venues chosen, they ensure their clients receive what they need at the best possible price.

Clients of Savvy Gatsby are assigned a project manager whose primary responsibility is to ensure the event’s vision is faithfully translated into reality. This project manager oversees the technical aspects, allowing clients and their teams to relax and enjoy the event, free from the burden of logistical concerns.

Daniela Moreno
Daniela Moreno
Excelente Servicio,Asesoría. Precio y cumplimiento en todo. 1000,%recomendados. Los Mejores en Miami.
Lorena Luciani
Lorena Luciani
This guys are the best!!!! Great service, 100 % recommended ! My event looked so great😎
Albert C
Albert C
Working with Savvy Gatsby was an easy and incredible experience for me. I normally work with in-house AV companies at hotels but this time around I was tasked with hosting an event in one of the spaces at one of our offices, a space that was not set up at all with AV. Jose Cruz helped me bring our AV needs to fruition. The team listened to our needs and gave professional recommendations that only served to help elevate our event experience. They set up the room with screens, speakers, and provided an AV technician to be there during our meeting which brought much needed peace to my mind in case we experienced any tech issues. Would definitely recommend and I hope to work with this company again very soon.
Jose is a detail oriented professional who goes the extra mile for his clients. Our event was a total success, exceeded our expectations and best of all, at an affordable cost. Highly recommended! 💯
I had a great experience. It was a very easy process and we achieved amazing results. Looking forward to working together again
Carlos Perez
Carlos Perez
Jose Cruz is an upstanding professional, very easy to work with, he will always go the extra mile to accommodate his clients. He is an example of excellent customer service.
Alexandra Sus
Alexandra Sus
Los mejores 💯💯

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