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High-Quality Projector or Display: A high-resolution projector or large-screen display ensures that presentations and documents are displayed clearly for everyone in the room. Integrated Audio System: Crystal-clear sound is crucial for effective communication. This may include ceiling-mounted speakers, microphones, and acoustic treatment to minimize echoes. Video Conferencing Equipment: For remote participants, a high-definition camera and microphone array are essential. This enables seamless video conferencing and collaboration. Interactive Whiteboard or Touchscreen Display: A touchscreen display or interactive whiteboard allows for real-time annotation, drawing, and interaction with on-screen content. Control System: An intuitive control system, often integrated into a tablet or touchpanel, makes it easy to manage all audiovisual equipment, including lighting and shades. Wireless Screen Sharing: Wireless presentation technology allows users to easily share their screens from laptops and mobile devices, enhancing collaboration. Quality Cabling and Connectivity: Ensure that all devices can be easily connected to the AV system with reliable cables and adapters. Video and Audio Recording: For archival or review purposes, consider video and audio recording capabilities, ensuring that meetings can be captured and revisited. Remote Control and Support: A remote control and support system can troubleshoot issues in real time and ensure that the AV setup is always operational. Security Measures: To protect sensitive information, the boardroom AV system may include security features like encrypted communication and access controls.
Boardroom Meeting Equipment

We offer high-quality audio-visual services for any event size and type of event. We also offer the best price and help you save time and money.

We have a checklist that will guide you through the complex world of audiovisual needs and choices, whether you love tech or not. And we have a run-of-show guide that will ensure your event size runs smoothly.

  1. Equipment Checklist for Events:

First things first, it’s crucial to understand the essential audiovisual equipment you may need for your event size. We’ll dive into the key components, ensuring you’re well-prepared:

– Mixer/soundboard

– Aspect ratio for screens

– Projectors

– Microphones

– Bandwidth

– Frequency band

– Transmitters and receivers

– Adapters and dongles equipment.


  1. Steps to Customize Your Audio Visual Checklist for Your Event:

Every event size is unique, and so are its audiovisual needs. Discover how to tailor your checklist to suit your client’s specific requirements:

– Identify your client’s basic A/V needs

– Choose the right screen type

– Ensure you have the audio essentials

– Consult with your A/V provider on the type of video switcher/mixer

– Equip your presenter with the right technology

– Illuminate the stage

– Consider hiring an event producer for complex shows

  1. Layout Questions Event Planners Should Ask Their AV Company:

Effective communication with your AV provider is key to a successful event size. Here are some crucial questions to ask:

– Where is the “front of house”?

– Where is power coming from?

– Where will cables be run?

– Are the projectors front projection or rear projection?

– What will the event size look like?

  1. Creating a Run-of-Show:

A well-structured run-of-show is essential for a smoothly executed event size. Here’s a step-by-step guide to create one:


– Arrival and setup time for the AV team

– Sound and equipment checks

– Presenter rehearsals

– Final equipment inspections

During the Event:

– Start and end times for each segment

– Introduction of speakers and presenters

– AV cues (e.g., when to display slides or videos)

– Q&A sessions and audience interactions

– Transitions between segments

– Breaks and intermissions

– Special announcements or surprises


– Equipment breakdown and packing.

– AV team departure time.


Becoming an audiovisual maestro doesn’t have to be intimidating. With the right knowledge and Savvy Gatsby as your partner, you can confidently navigate the intricate world of event-size AV. Remember, our goal is to make your event size not just visually stunning but also seamlessly executed.

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